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Funeral Services

Since 1891 and through almost four generations, the Bennett family has provided funeral services with the upmost respect and consideration and to the complete satisfaction of our patrons. Our head office in Brentwood Essex offers a and full free advisory service. Our fully trained and professional staff are here to guide you through the practical steps that need to be taken when a death occurs, or to assist you in pre-planning your funeral to ensure that everything is in order for family and friends at a later date. As our Essex based business has developed over the years, we have adapted our ethos to cover all the many facets of funeral planning and management; which may include Essex woodland burials or green funerals. Transportation, monumental masonry, floristry services and catering services are all covered to provide a single point of contact, and to simplify the funeral planning process. If you need a friendly voice to help you or guide you through this process then make Bennetts Funerals your first call... we are here to help. Please visit our website for more details

Scattering Ashes

The scattering of a loved ones ashes can be a fantastic opportunity to celebrate the life of someone you loved. With a bit of thought you can avoid the pitfalls and make it memorable, dignified, reflective and even joyous. Click on the link below for some advice....

Scattering Ashes Website

Phoenix Diamonds - as featured on Channel 4

Phoenix Diamonds as featured on Channel 4's Ashes to Diamonds programme. Click in the image below to visit their website. is a UK based company trading world-wide, specializing in the manufacture of 'Memorial Diamonds' created in a laboratory from both 'Cremains' and hair. Mike Kelly (ceo) states "We do it almost as nature does it, we compress carbon taken from ashes or hair, to 10,000tons/sq.", heat it to over 1300c for a long time but instead of 'millions' of years, the lab' makes a raw diamond in weeks, we then cut and polish it exactly the way all diamonds have been for hundreds of years". Phoenix Memorial Diamonds are REAL diamonds, not fake, CZ or synthetic, they posses all the properties of rare natural coloured diamonds but without the blood, sweat and tears of human toil or the worlds upheaval.

Wings For Love

Colourful Coffins

Exciting new process: the world's first sculptured photograph.  Your images cast as relief in ceramic; or carved into wood.  A precious memento to announce, celebrate, commemorate and preserve, those images and memories which you will cherish forever.

Remember the future? You will if you click the MEMORY BUTTON!  Visit this site for novel ways to keep memories and create images, that will last forever. Everything your imagination captures and your heart can remember.

My last Song - Plan the funeral you want to be at.

An informative website which also offers subscribers a digital Lifebox containing stored information to be used by their executor and/or family members.


Bereavement Services

Bereavement UK

Pet Funeral Services

Dignity Pet Crematorium

Sunnyfields Pet Crematorium

Local Links

Somerset Strawberry Crystal

Dazzle Designs

Silver Tree Crystal - handmade crystal

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